Oh my. What a great start to my new blog. Here I was, having typed out a little introduction about how I was bad at introductions, and about the aims that I had for this new blog, and when I click “Update Post”.. POOF! Everything disappears, and all the amendments I’ve made to the default First Entry is gone. Just like that.


Anyhow, I still wish to pen down the 3 aims that I have:

1. To reflect, and direct myself towards living the complete life.

2. To opine on social issues/current affairs and see if anyone listens.

3. To train myself to express my thoughts in a coherent manner, especially on things that I have just read about.  (I seem to be reading so much but remembering and truly understanding so little nowadays.)


OK, that’s it for now. Will blog again when I feel the urge. So long.